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{Custom} Phone Grip

{Custom} Phone Grip

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Custom Phone Grip Request

Please be as specific as possible in the customization box.

Pop sockets are a kind of phone grip that you add to the back of your phone or tablet that can pop up when needed to aid your grip on your cell phone or laptop and then pop back down to be more out of the way when not needed.

Popsockets markets its phone grips to say you can remove and reset the location of their grips but many people feel that the first application is always the one that sticks best with it's rubbery grip so it's always best if you can find the best spot on the first try.

Popsockets markets their grips as sticking to most surfaces but potentially not silicone or glass, if you have such a surface, you will need the extra sticky grip option that is more sticky but can only stick once. These items are aftermarket additions made to original high quality popsockets phone grips.

The top caps of pop socket phone grips can easily be popped off and replaced with other caps with different decorations so you can change your cap decorations without actually removing the whole stuck on grip. This is very convenient if you like to change out decorations periodically.

Place your logo, any picture, or quote on one of these. They can be completely customized. If no customization is requested, add NA to the customization field.

Are available in white or black.