Please read carefully and be aware of current /estimated TAT Processing & Shipping Time by viewing the FAQ Page. If you have any questions/concerns please communicate with us by email For your protection questions regarding orders will not be answered via social media. Note: Sezzle may be used on purchases of $100 or more.

How To Order


As of March 1st, 2021 you will no longer be able to place an order for a Custom Tumbler, nor a MTO (Made To Order Tumbler). Unfortunately, I am no longer offering them, if you see a tumbler you like, and it says it's "SOLD OUT" the only way to be able to snag one of these babies is at my RTS Sale Events. 


  • A Ready To Ship Tumbler is one that has had all coats of resin applied, and is ready to go (Check the FAQ Page for Processing & Shipping Time, these DO NOT ship out next business day).
  • Usually, it just needs to be examined.  All that it needs is possibly cleaning, and packaging.
    If you decide to add a name to these tumblers they will then NOT be ready to go and will require time from me to sit down and design, create, and apply the decal. This means it needs another coat of resin and will need the proper time to cure, therefore prolonging processing time.
  • If you miss out on a RTS Tumbler, you can always wait until next round of RTS Tumblers. I do these every month. 

How will I know when the next RTS is?

The best way to keep up with new dates is by: Following my on Instagram and checking the How To Order Highlight button on my profile, and keeping track of that. I am very active on there, and it is my best way to announce things, by watching the stories I upload, or checking the website for the next RTS dates.


(Nutcracker RTS Tumblers) Sunday, 10/31/21 8PM CST

Visit @craftingbymayra on IG, Turn on Post notifications on Instagram to know when items are live on the website.

What if I want a specific tumbler that is not a RTS Tumbler?
• I am no longer taking custom orders, so if you’d like a specific design I won’t be able to do that.
• However, you can always email me and let me know you’re interested in a specific cup, if it’s in my bandwidth at the time for the next RTS Event, I can make it. Please know, this does not mean I’ll hold it for you, if you forget or you’re late on the website and someone purchases it before you do, I’m sorry! There’s nothing I’ll be able to do about that.
• I make RTS Tumblers based on how I’m feeling creatively, seasons, themes, every RTS is different, please remember I am 1 person doing everything. I try the best I can, to please everyone’s taste buds. Typically, MOST cups don’t come back a second round, unless there is a popular demand for them.

Can I personalize a RTS Tumbler?
• Yes! You can add a name or quote to any RTS Tumbler at no extra cost as long as it’s not too much. You can do this by typing in the “Customization Box” at checkout.
• Be as detailed as possible. If I have creative freedom to do as I see fit, please let me know that.

What if I want a specific font? How do I see the fonts you offer?
• I usually choose the font style, cursive or script, to fit the tumbler best. I don’t offer previews of fonts, it’s not my cup of tea and restricts my creativity.
Before you make a purchase: You are ALWAYS more than welcome to go to and choose the font of your liking. You’ll then tell me the name of the font and I can utilize the font you’d like on your cup.
• Be as detailed as possible, "I want it Horizontally or Vertically on the cup", or let me know if I can place it where I see fit. (Creative freedom)

What if I want a specific color for my font?
• Leave that in the customization box at checkout. Don’t just leave 1 option. Have a second option in case your 1st option isn’t available.
• Be as specific as possible, if you’re flexible and I have creative freedom to do what I see best, please let me know that.

What is the best way to snag one of your cups?
• At the RTS Events. Set multiple alarms on your phone, your wife/husbands phone, your kids phone, ya mamas phone.
• Don’t just rely on the Instagram countdown timer.
• You have to be ON TIME! They do sell out very quickly.
• Making an account prior to the sale, and inputting your shipping address and personal details will help speed up the checkout process.

I had a cup in my cart and when I checked out it was gone, what do I do?
• Ya snooze ya lose jk
This is very common, it just means someone checked out faster than you. I’m sorry! There’s nothing I can do about that.

How does shipping work? 

  • Ready To Ship (RTS) - Ships in approximately 9-10 business days, unless personalization is requested, then shipped in approximately 13-14 business days.
  • This time does not include weekends or holidays. If your order is placed on a weekend, please know TAT starts on the next closest business day. This TAT does not include shipping time. 
  • Rush My Order? If you need an order rushed, please pay for the rush fee option by selecting the box before carting your item. Please note the rush fee is per item. 
  • If you have more questions please click here or visit the FAQ & Policies Tab.

How to Contact me:

  • I will not answer questions in regards to pending orders on any social media platform, please understand, this is for your protection, we are a team of about 5 people running social media accounts. 
  • For questions or concerns please email, if you have a pending order please, include your order #.
  • Please check the FAQ page to see if your question can be answered there.
  • I get a high volume of orders, which means high volume or customers and emails so please allow up to 48 hours for my response.

MTO: A Made To Order Tumbler is a tumbler I've made many times before that doesn't require me to design from scratch. Typically, I've done this tumbler many times already and know what glitters, and images to use. (NO LONGER TAKING THESE, SO SORRY!)

Custom: A Custom Tumbler is one I have most likely, not made. This requires more time from me due to research, designing, and figuring out glitter colors, gathering new images, creating decals, editing, among many other steps, etc. (NO LONGER TAKING THESE, SO SORRY!)